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These tips will be useful to you if you draw with your daughter, niece or younger sister. How to draw a doll? How to draw a dress? How to draw faces? How to draw a nose? How to draw eyebrows? How to draw eyes? How to draw lips? How to draw hair? How to draw shoes? How to draw a dress? How to draw a body?
I will also show you how to draw three-dimensional shapes with a pencil, how to draw patterns and ornaments with felt-tip pens. These techniques will also appeal to children - with such patterns they can decorate diaries and school notebooks.
Why do adults need to draw? Everyone can draw, regardless of age, skills and abilities. However, adults often deny themselves this pleasure, believing that only gifted people can do this - this is a delusion! Believe me, you have many reasons to start drawing. First, drawing helps to relax and distract from problems, and this is so often necessary after a long working day. Secondly, drawing will help bring new colors to the routine of days. And of course, enjoy the process, not focusing on the result.
Remember, everyone who wants can learn to draw!
0:53 How to draw three-dimensional shapes
2:14 How to draw hair
5:34 How to draw a dress
8:14 How to draw lips
9:30 How to draw a face
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  • Just saying this video is in the men section is because they want men to know how to draw well so they can teach their daughter or niece Literally go read the description ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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  • The "Bad" drawing is better then my actual drawing because our school doesn't teach drawing and I don't have the courage to learn drawing

    • +• Glimpse_Gacha • Thank you

    • My school teaches art! ....they just have you draw something every week without any context... Also, if you don’t have the courage to learn art, you could try online, that’s what I do too! Most artists also learn this way

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  • A girl in my class asked me how me and my best friend draw,and we said "with a pencil" and then she asked us to show her so we did,we drew slowly,and told her the do's and don'ts of drawing,and uh,let me tell you,she does NOT know how to draw a round line,because no matter how many times we told her and showed her,she improved by 0.00001 % because she still can't draw,but now she knows,not to do triangles as chins

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    • Here ya go: Years of practice

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