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Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson

Datum objavljivanja: 31. Sij 2019.
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  • PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!

    • Love this so much!! I'm actually shook!!!

    • shane but were is the 3rd one?!

    • Make more

    • Mama loves you baby! I love your voice in this. 😉😘😘

    • shane I know u makes jokes but I'm a pig too but (no drama keemstar dont)I oink better 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

  • Youre So brave. Some people aren't able to say that they want to take a break so they keep on punishing themselves for their audiences.. So the fact that youre comfortable doing tgis, is just awesome..💛 Love you!

  • Android users are triggered 😂

  • You need to do a documentary on a porn star that would be TEA

  • Omg when i was littlei told my mom i wanted to go to heaven becawes I can do watever i want there and now i know where i got the idea

  • That pic of momo got me

  • 50:36 I thought I could be a war armed toaster

  • 1:04:30 no fucking way that happened they’re just kids omfg 🤬

  • Funniest part 53:27

  • The whole suicide thing isn’t even really a conspiracy theory, violence and suicide are peddled to us and normalized from a very young age



  • We are still in Pangea... Earth is in simulation.

  • In this video you can really see the stereotype of shane saying oh my god all the time


  • Shane now I can’t get momo out of my head u really had to put that on screen

  • Yeah it's 4 in the morning i have school tomorrow , i need to sleep, my room is darkly lit and im shaking with fear .... Yup seems like a great idea to watch a two hour video which will not only leave me in petrification and perpetual shock and paranoia but also ensure my need for sleep in the middle of the night while my asian ass parents will complain about my terrible grade in my science test thats gonna take place tomorrow . Heheh. Yea. I'll watch this video. I'll watch this video. I'll watch this video. I'lL wAtCH tHiS vIDeO. 😳

  • "How many people have iPhones?" "Like, everybody" Me watching on my android phone: Thanks Shane, Love you too

  • Humpty dumpty didn’t die his egg cracked and a baby bird hatched

  • Shane stop making me feel unsafe in my own house

  • The being able to hear before you answer happened to me once.

  • The town that was most affected by the melt down is the only town that didn't catch fire (Simi valley) but at the end of the fires, the part of the town that was most affected by the melt down was set on fire after all the fires were going out

  • okay not the time but Sri Lanka MY COUNTRY was bombed and 200 people died from it... My whole family is out there still but they are safe. The authorities think it's from tigers so yeah... I just wanted to inform peopele what's going on in Sri Lanka. There are tigers dressed as poor people to invade homes of families and kill them so the government told them to not go outside nor talk to anyone and not to let anyone in to their homes. I heard about this from the news from youtube because, I live in America. And the craziest things are one of our country psychics said that this would happen months ago. And a statue of virgin mary started crying a few minutes before this tragedy happened. Please notice this and stay safe everybody. 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Take a shot every time Shane says Oh my god

  • i LOVE shane's conspiracy videos but i really i dont like jumpscares at all, they make me severely uncomfortable. even when i know a jumpscare is about to happen it still has the same effect, like i could replay it and my reaction doesnt change at all. please shane i hope you read this and stop adding jumpscares.

  • 1:02:09 FUCK BRO i see that shit all the time, nobody else I'm watching tv with ever sees it

  • where did shane get that robe I WANT ONE

  • Fyi its hung not hanged sorry ocd just got to me

  • dang what does he use to edit?

  • Im screaming😄


  • Do you think you could investigate into the idea of Deja Vu? I don't know how to explain it, but fairly often certain situations can happen, conversations can happen, and I already know exactly what will be said or is being said and everything in that moment, to how people are standing, is all familiar as if I've seen it before somehow. I guess I just think it could be fun to see how Deja Vu started and the information behind it.

  • This was so hard for me to watch my grandparents live in Cali and I was so happy that they were fine

  • 53:29 eew delete legit me with my life

  • The Lazer one is STRETCHED , god is soon to come so he is warning us

  • Why I like SAMSUNG

  • Can we discuss that the fire always just surrounds Simi valley but hasn't hit it in 13 years

  • Why wouldn't they hire Latinos lmao they r sooo pretty

  • The bible never said that the forbidden fruit was an apple

  • Guy lifts a mug to drink : *add creepy sound affect

  • When Shane showed the burnt mountain from the fire at 24:22 there was rainbow there at that really hit me in the heart that the rainbow figuratively could signal hope.

  • Just wondering but why do you blur the guns on the children TV shows

  • Ok so i put my phone to my ear like shane and i heard a ringing beep and the static

  • My mom was right. iPhones do suck

  • 1:02:06 it’s like Splatoon with Xbox

  • 0:63:4 eggsperts

  • I'm scared of my microwave now😂

  • Humpty Dumpty is actually a song about a functioning cannon used in a war I think with the British or French

  • When it was on the phone theory and the screen went black, I saw my face in the reflection and it scared the daylights out of me

  • I love Shane❤️😍

  • I love how I put a peice of tape on my phone while watching this

  • Framing somebody with a deepfake...Wow thats scary.

  • My eyes are watering and I have goosebumps. Wtf.

  • Pedo.

  • Are we in a simulation where we come,live,die and go on with life are we just NPCs like we're in a game or are we just going to die as we go on with life wait are we real or are we fake? can someone please help me I need help

  • See a spooky dancing coin!!!!!


  • Another iPhone one is about the app talking Tom and that whole franchise and stuff being able to hear u at all times and people say that u can see yourself in toms eyes and stuff it’s really creepy

  • What are you going to be posting next?

  • Wtf

  • Who noticed pew news theme

  • Who else search in the comments because he is scared 😂🤦‍♀😱

  • My brother and my uncle were talking about a certain vacuum cleaner and then my brother got an add for that exact vacuum cleaner like 10 minutes later

  • I love how Garrett subtlely DRAGS androids *not so subtle at all* me as a proud owner of a Samsung I am deeply offended but still love you guys 🤣😁😋❤️

  • Stay woke bitches

  • What am i :3

  • Why i cant download the video

  • there are many different reasons why a house might not burn down, despite another one relatively close to it burning completely. sometimes it depends on the state of the materials in/of the house- if the house is usually dry and combustable, it'll catch on fire and if its wet or moist its less likely to burn. theres also maintenance in which of someone has a large garden surrounding their house and the constantly water their grass everyday and such, it will be less likely to inflame compared to a house with a very dry garden or just with concrete surrounding which is not usually wet. i'm in no way saying that it was the victims fault for 'not watering their grass daily' because it is no way their fault. they did not expect it and especially with some houses, maintenance is very difficult and people don't think wetting concrete is something they HAVE to do every day. and its not. but if you're wondering, if your house seems quite disaster prone, make sure you look out for the small details and constantly have background checks to ensure you're safe at all times. also, if your neighbourhood, town, city, state usually have natural disasters here and there, check up on some routine safety checks around your house and look out for specific disasters that your area usually come across. - a friendly viewer

  • This is why I own a Samsung

  • This is why I use Samsung

  • The cam at the start makes it look like an old tv show

  • Scariest Honey ad eva

  • Where is Shane I want another conspiracy theory 😔❤️❤️


  • Love yoooouuu and I think you should do a Collab with laurenzside like if you agree (watched this ages ago just rewatching this) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐰

  • I searched ricardo milos(for research purposes) and this came as onevof the results

  • 15:31 "I don't think that people realize how harmful it can be." Also her: 14:25

  • Why does this have 37 million views?

  • *thats* why i have a *samsung*

  • “Stay woke, bitches.”

  • I literally can't sleep rn 😂

  • The iconic sound effects in the video had me so scared that I had to turn on my lights to prevent me from shutting myself. Who here from April 20, 2019 🤠


  • Hey, want to do a 4 way with me, a hot kid that looks exactly like you, and someone I was engaged with but broke up with him.

  • I wish I didn't see Momo... she's for real been haunting my mind... It's not good that I have schzio

  • OMG...stop giving people ideas of bad things to do!! People are already terrifying. lol

  • Who else watched this late at night

  • Ok everyone I have a story Ok here we go One night I was watching this video on my T.V and I was snapping it on my snapchat(iamnotclover)and so when I was done my phone started making load static noises and my phone has never done that I was so scared it only happened when I snapped that video so like wtf

  • Shane can you please make more dumb life hack videos plz 💜💜😋

  • Ad*

  • Instagram listens a lot because you say something and it pops up as an add

  • Shane where did you go you haven't posted in two months now.

  • 1:36:34 can I have the background music

  • My family and I travel states to visit once in a while. When we do I love watching Shane’s conspiracy theories the car ride to the state and back home😂 Like one time me and my family went to Florida to go to Disney and I live in North Carolina so North Carolina to Florida is a 9hr car ride so I watch Shane’s conspiracy theories for 9hrs straight lol and it’s become my tradition to watch these videos when I go one road trips.

  • While I do hate Shane for that 5 part on Logan I have to admit this is interesting

  • Dang, he even made his sponsorship scary.

  • And look what happen to the Notre Dame, it burned down. The movie HunchBack Notre Dame shows a part where lava and fire around the Notre Dame

  • Fuck u shit Dawson

  • you need to check the Disney thing like you really see when you watch the intro is Disney brainwashing us?!!?!?!?!?!

  • Yo remember when you had recess, go play Ring Around the Rosies with your friends then go super fast and watch as all of you fall down one after another