Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson

Datum objavljivanja: 31. Sij 2019.
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  • PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!

    • Yay thx Shane

    • How do you have 20 mil subs after calling a 10 year old girl sexy you predator

    • Love youu~

    • Shane you probably won’t see this but I just wanted to let you know if you didn’t know already that frozen 2 is coming out this November

    • +Macey Jagree

  • So glad your back Shane love your vids!

  • The calling one has happened to me and my friend but on FaceTime. She said don't mind me before she picked up and I was like I saw this on Shane Dawson's conspiracy video

  • add captions you cowards 🔪🔪🔪

  • seeing the aftermath of the fire .. it took me back to when harvey hit my house . the eye went right over my home (which the weather channel said “there was no population so HIT THERE !!” fucking idiots) and for some reason .. my house was fine while everyone else had SERIOUS damage . like yea , we had some bad damage but nothing compared to the other houses . it hurts seeing what the fire did .

  • Your edits are amazing


  • We’re on to you zepeto

  • You should really not put that thing at 13:00 because you don’t know who is watching this you should not give people ideas

  • Shane be careful so the people that keeps these secrets don’t get angry and hurt u for sharing their secrets

  • Is his friend from buzzfeed ?

  • Hi garrets mom

  • Why is he making his own sponsor scary 😭😂

  • The human race is fucked up🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Me buy eggs? HA nah I'm good, I don't wanna die early thank you~

  • OH MY GOSH , The Calvin Klein business was using famous people to put out their underwear or brawls on the internet (Instagram) ! Mainly on the famous people we love or are obsessed with.

  • OMG near 3:03 there was a white flash


  • I know this has nothing to do with the video, but when Shane, Andrew, and Ryland were exploring the burnt down neighborhood, I noticed that....Ryland and I have the same exact jacket....but mine is like....the Walmart version of it

  • Shane... this is a master piece !!

  • Who pees on their money? That’s not rich, that’s just dirty..

  • Bitch I love fire, I wish I was in California that time

  • This video has more views than the population of my country 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • 14:22 Track?

  • I just need to know who disliked this video...

  • Can someone explain why everyone freaked out over Live Photo’s?

  • my aunt and uncle's house just barely survived the Camp fire. Some of their property, and most of the rest of their town was destroyed. They moved back in, but they say it's lonely as their neighbors' no longer have homes.

  • I've been holding off on watching this video because I knew that clips on wildfires were going to be used. Over a year ago on October 2017, the town of Santa Rosa California was deeply affected by the Tubbs Fire. I was a senior in high school and I watched a multitude of my graduating class lose their homes. Many of them have had to put off going to college or go to a local junior college ( which is great) but to this day, the people that chose to reconstruct are barely finishing their homes. It has been well over a year. Seeing it in person is something that truly brings you to your knees. You become isolated from the world in a sense. The entire community came out in support whether it meant actual fire victims who lost everything come help at the local shelter or salvation armies to help. Businesses would make hundreds of dinners and lunches to distribute to the community. I could not bear going to the actual shelters, my mom, sister and I went to her job to make hundreds of lunches and anything we could to help. I don't wish this kind of devastation on anyone. I want to thank you Shane for showing these clips while remaining respectful, as it should be broadcasted so people can try to understand and see how devastating a natural disaster can be.

  • I have Alexa in my room do you think it can her my conversations

  • this is why i don’t post any pictures of myself

  • Shane are u like the king of conspiracy ?? I LOVE YOU 😅😂😎

  • iM BIsExuAl.

  • Ok but when you put the video into full screen a image shows up behind the video for a split second


  • Do the chubby bunny challenge, but every time Shane says Oh my god, put a marshmallow in your mouth😂

  • Hollister saw it coming 😂😂 But my hollister has it ALL

  • I’m a hurricane katrina survivor and watching all the fire devastation brought back so many memories. I’m bawling 😭😭😭

  • I’m getting nightmares

  • I don’t hear shit on my phone

  • What about FaceTime

  • 1:38:54 PEW NEWS

  • Iphone compiracy: THATS WHY I DONT USE IPHONES!!!

  • This video has thought me a lot about the world. Thanks Shane, I will not trust nobody now ily ❤️

  • It's not just iPhones.. i have live photos on my samsung

  • Shane . This is amazing I love this so much .

  • Shook

  • The same thing with Alexa with the phones.

  • The iPhone thing is actually true because I was playing a game then I kept saying how to do I make this thing then I went to google and the search popped up so creepy

  • I’m 4 minutes in and I’m dying 😮

  • watched this as i was falling asleep i got shook at 1:22:59

  • and this is why i buy samsung...may be worse than apple, but at least im not being recorded 24/7

  • Karli Reese in the vid is like... Everything

  • I am throwing my microwave out and sitting in my room in fear of DIRECT POWER BEAMMSS

  • Suuppppeerrrr goooodddd

  • Why am I watching this at 3:AM

  • Sorry share I think everybody knows that ring around the Rosie is to do with the plague

  • Shane I’m sorry but twister is fun asf exspecially if ur playing it with ur 5 best friends stop sexualizing it

  • I had the Zepeto app and i heard a weird sound and I put my ear up to my phone and it was like weird static noises so I went in the app, and I logged in, it said “access the microphone” but there wasn’t anything that you could use a microphone to.At this point I got scared I kept listening to the sound and I got so freaked out I deleted the app, there wasn’t any static. Also my friend got the app and she said the app said to access her location, and then she deleted the app. Yeah creepy , that’s all I know..I would not recommend that app..

  • Ngl I don’t think I can see some aspects of life the same 🤔😧😱


  • I am only 13 and this creeped me out but told me much about the world we really live in.

  • I want Garrett’s shirt tho😂

  • if I were going to kill myself id probably cut my writs too deep. I have a past and a present with depression. it ant gotten better. I think everything but cartoons made me depressed. usually the only thing that makes me happy/laugh is cartoons

  • Is shane still gay he acts different

  • hey cali if you need some trees and snow, maine has some we'd love to give you

  • Wait..... I got to 56:00 and the video stopped and Siri said to me “I’m listening” whhhhhattttt seriously I am so freaked out I just got an iPhone and I already wish I didn’t hahaha

  • Is anyone gonna talk about his editing??

  • What if the government wants us to watch conspiracy theory videos to distract us from the real conspiracy theories.

  • OMG I'M freaking out BECUASE the grocery store conspiracy theory there is a bag where I know it BECUASE my state has it and there is a white box that looks like wings and mostly every time I go there all I smell is wings there are so many Pepole buying wings and also I do that's wierd my cart is always full but all the carts I get to choose are broken 😂

  • While watching the part about phone producers using your data against you, my Wi-Fi crashes. I try everything but eventually give up. I close the HR-tv video and my Wi-Fi comes back immediately. Coincidence? I think not!

  • How you gonna throw Pew News in a serious moment like that lol. Very interesting conspiracies

  • I’m so proud of myself watching it in the morning

  • how extra can someone get

  • I watched them in the wrong order whoops 😬

  • Uh yeah apple was glitching and had to update

  • My Apple Watch was set at 10:09 so close to 10:10

  • That person has AirPods when some body calls somebody and they are wearing AirPods you could talk yo the person before they pickup

  • Great vid💪

  • *LO CK HE RU P*

  • What i really wanna know is how the fire started. (Btw i am from the uk)

  • I felt alone.. now i dont.

  • Welcome to reality, where systems have been promoted and predetermined before you step foot in this world. Power divides, ignorance promotes and conformity deludes. Our realities truths are darker than what we see and our temporal goals as individuals builds no spectacle in the greater picture of LIFE. I Wish there was more balance, wish people did not have to struggle because of money, wish being "rich" was not an envious endeavor, wish wealth was not a pursuit of self-worth and a higher social status. We are forced to pursue money and a singular path and if you do not abide, you will parish. There is no real freedom. The end goal we MUST follow is the same for all of us and then poof, we're gone! We served our purpose. We leave this world and our daily goal was the pursuit of money, delusion of superiority and the promotion superficiality. Some of us get it, others lose themselves on the way and many are cut short yet we all suffer the same fate in the scheme of the game. Here is hoping some day, people get tired and build a better reality. Maybe in another 1000 years... Bye. Love ya Shane!!!

  • At the end, the pew news theme starts

  • Jokes on you losers my mom didn’t want us to have a microwave

  • why do i get a feeling whenever i see Shane and Garrett togeather i always feel like they are brothers? anyone else get this feeling? like if you do. also love this video i've watched it like 4-5 times.

  • With the phone thing, I remember playing a game on my old phone and when my mom called I was like “finally she called” then I answered her call then she’s like “were you waiting for me to call?” And I was confused but I was like “yeah I was” and the day just continued but now actually watching this, it’s really weird how phones are like that

  • OMG count?

  • But recording everything you do in your phone? Isn't that illegal?

  • Sometimes, I don’t know if it’s Ryland or Morgan talking.

  • Let's just watch this movie in a foreign language without subtitles. Only cuz its Queen Shane, but I really wish there were some subtitles to these videos. Thank's, love ya.

  • Shane is a legend

  • 4:11 Shane: Scary subliminal messages that have never been caught until now! * *Show creepy clip of weird one eyed pyramid* * Me: .... Me: That's not Satan or the Illuminati Shane, that's literally Bill fucking Cipher from Gravity falls

    • *The Cog* “Bill Cypher” wasn’t made before the illuminati.. the illuminati sign is literally the triangle and one eye... havent your dumb ass ever thought that Bill Cypher is just a representative of the illuminati


  • Wanna hear something really creepy? So me and my gf were playing a game and this girl was annoying her so she somehow figured out where the girl lived I don’t know how but it creeped me out

  • Just give him his own fucking tv show already 😁🏅

  • Shane u probably wont read this but if u do then i have knowlede on death conspiricy theories such as project sunshine please please please reply and i will do some research into more theories

  • It’s so much goin on in this cruel world cause my family members did suicde

  • OK, so cartoons made in the 30s and 40s weren't always made for kids in mind and instead for a general audience.

  • LOL not buying this conspiracy theory either, love your work but who is paying you brah?

  • KFC! I love them 🍗 I have maccies 🍟 Watches? Pfft, who where’s them!? ⏰ Flexing with my rooolex 💵 This is meant to be creepy (don’t jinx plz) Ooooooooo PLZ DONT DEMONOTIZE ooooo ❣ Predator 🦖 💖 Trips to the stoooore 🛒 RIP off.... I kinda knew that the minute you walk out the house u gonna get ripped off Shut up mayte You gotta give it to ol’ Walmart, that’s pretty sneaky! 🍭 yum Ewwww 🤢 PLZ CAN WE BUY IT MOMMY! So even he admits it! Ugh, not mickey! 🐭 Uh I hate going there It gives me a headache Boom boom Oh hello Haha 🤣 Of, I’m ugly ☹️ OMG GUYS I JUST BOUT CHAMPION! 👔 🛍 NO DONT DO IN THERE! HAHA ugly Ugly Ugly Ugly not worth it Fuck you then!

  • Was I the only one crying during when they where driving to go see where the fire was and the playground. It made me feel so sad 😢😭💔