Convicts Who Saved A Guards Life

Datum objavljivanja: 30. Sij 2019.
Convicts Who Saved A Guards Life
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Top 10 Convicts Who Saved A Guard's Life
So we all know the prisons are for those really bad people who commit horrible crimes. While some would argue that people can’t change and reform in prison hence the reason why thousands of inmates will never get the opportunity to leave. Well there are some who can change and learn from there crimes. In this video we are about to see some convicts who instead of joining in on attacks or just sit back and watch while something horrible happens to prison guards they finally make the right decision and help save guards lives.
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  • Watch Part 1 Here 👇

    • I won't lie i do have a story of my own a friend of mine told me from a buddy of his who is in prison basically a riot had broke out in the prison and a guard had gotten overwhelmed by an inmate and had stolen the guards gun and was planning to kill him but my friend's buddy along with some fellow other inmates got the gun from the guy after incapacitaing him and helped the guard to his feet and handed his back his gun after making sure the safety was on baffling the guard in the end the riot was contained and my friend's buddy got special privliges includign a shorten on his sentence he coudl have killed the guard but he helped him and stayed till the other guards came to help sicen the guy apparently had a broken leg from the one prisoner stomping hard on his leg

    • It's the same video but with different camera angles, great job guys

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  • I absolutely loved this do more positive videos like this!

  • As a correctional officer, I can say that, personally, there are a lot of inmates who would save a life

  • Only none violent and drug charges are allowed on out sidr work crews and people with sentences under 5 years

  • even in some of the worst of us there is the light of hope showing that we are all can be redeemed...

  • Man some of those clips hit you in the feels... inmates may have made mistakes and done wrong but this proves they are human beings with hearts and choose to do good. Everyone deserves a second chance

  • Heros dont have to wear a cape...Some can even wear striped

  • 6:11 basically he got a prisoners parden

  • A hero does not need powers.

  • Ok, so I guess some people DO change. I kinda needed this video. lol

  • lots of people behind bars are actuly good people they just might of ended up in the wrong crowds or being wrongly convicted. also people can change i just wish we had a system working on rehabilitating criminals not treating them like trash

  • Even they’re Convicts that have a heart for another human beings.

  • I think we all too soon forget that everyone is human here. We are all living breathing beings.

  • Faith in Humanity: Restored.

  • That was a great video

  • Very impressive. I know that people can be good, but when a convict helps the one in charge from danger, makes a person’s day seem brighter.

  • You still have good prisoners in prison

  • theres always a bigger fish

  • Just because you've broken the law, it doesn't make you an animal. 😊🤗♥️

  • Ok

  • Its om

  • Omg is this real life right now?! We missed you Landon! Where have you been?

  • People have a misconception that everyone that is in jail or prison are heartless animals when 90% of the time it isn’t the case. I worked in corrections for 2 years and had more help from the convicts than my own co workers some times. If you respect them and treat them as humans they will return the favor but where some go wrong is that they treat them like the scum of the earth because they are locked up

  • Really liked this one! A little ray of sunshine amidst the darkness. Thanks Landon. 👏

  • I don't like criminals but this shows that some people can change

  • I think they help because not all inmates are inside for murder x

  • Does anyone else get disappointed at certain hosts like ugh it's this onee

  • This video make me have hope for humanity

  • PLEASE do a part 2 of this video!!!! Every one of these stories really touched my heart

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  • Isnt antonio brown a football player?

  • Ffs landon again 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Not all people that go to jail or in there for murder or some crimes going to give them 25 years to life not all of them like that so I have to be on there 30 days 90 days you know so it's in their best interest to help because they can also have time reduced off their sentence for helping her and chivalry isn't dead but yeah the inmate could run away but eventually he'll get caught and then he gets Escape charges put on him if you're only in there for short time that be totally idiotic don't you think I mean I'd rather do my time then have an escape charge and have another 5 to 15 years added onto my son's I mean come on that's only common sense if those inmates wouldn't have came in and helped that officer they can be charged for murder 2 complicity to murder cuz they did nothing and not all inmates are f****** dumbasses either they're decent people but you may never know he may have been a decent guard towards them there are guards out there that are c********** and Prix and they never help because they are prick but there are guards out there that are decent to the to the man they treat the prisoner as a human being not as a convict so that's all I have to say you know

  • Aww my heart is soft😄❤

  • Why can’t all prisoners be like that

  • #2 Ok... Rape is one thing but RAPING A 10 YEAR OLD GIRL!!!!! MAKES ME SICK! Thank God for the rehabilitated ones before there was (recorded) victim number 2.

  • I don't like the tone of this one. The blatant presumption that all convicts are monsters until acting like a hero is kind of disgusting. There are convicts in prison for minor offenses, like possession. There are convicts that actually regret the offense that landed them in prison and are more than willing to do the time. Yes, prisons are full of monsters, but not all prisoners are. There's more humanity behind bars than you could possibly imagine, and I'm tired of these individuals being painted in the same light as those lacking in it. It's as toxic as someone with a felony conviction over a suspended license being equated to a murderer simply because they are a "felon".

  • With a CO for a boyfriend I can say some inmates are helpful. Some prisons also have it set up that if an inmate even pokes a CO they get another five years. That's cool of them though

  • Sooo nobody wants to talk about how he called that convict a "very large convict" ??!

  • This's one of the best videos you've ever made. I'd love to see more of these

  • Landon were had you been you disappeared from this channel

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  • The only reason why the inmates save guards is because they have respect for the guard. If they didn't like the guard they wouldn't help.

  • Faith in humanity restored

  • Do more videos like this!

  • I don't believe anyone is above being able to change and reform, but they have to *want* to change, and that's the mindset of some criminals that never gets to them. :/


  • You realize you mentioned Antonio brown twice

  • Can some peeps sub to my channel if you sub you be cool

  • Proof that not all criminals are heartless assholes

  • I just gained some faith in humanity

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  • Landon Do Not Sing! 😂😂😂😂

  • This was such a great topic for a video! Those were some really scary scenarios, that resulted with some truly unexpected examples of helping someone in need.

  • Who at atakt huh

  • 5-10 years for raping a ten year old girl???? *HE DESERVES THE DEATH PENALTY!!!*

  • 1:55 Dang... my mom won’t even buy me Gatorade’s for school.

  • What the guards don't arrest them. haha The guards just watch over them while they are in prison. They arn't out on the streets making arrests.

  • OR, crazy thought here, they weren’t assholes to begin with and their crime wasn’t a violent one....

  • No in no way does prison “transform” inmates those who deserve to be in there get worse mentally it’s a statistical fact the truth is id say about 25% of inmates don’t deserve their time. Give that to the rapist murderers and child abusers leave the drug sellers alone they just need money like everyone else “reform” is fake lol fake it till ya make it or hang yourself with a shoelace trying.

  • Everyone knows this clip! You’re way too late

  • Hey, I'm from Michigan! That's pretty cool that Top Ten showed stuff from here.

  • *Are we just going to infinite that he pronounced his name Landon DONOTSING...*

  • Can you do South Carolina urban legends next? And I love your videos there awesome!

  • Unless the convict is a serial killer psycho serving 15 life sentences, I say anyone can change

  • 5:35 they are something like the rest of the get for a prize?

  • I live SouthWest of Kent County in Michigan. I remember hearing about that story. It is good to know that a judge can see a person's true character and make a good judgment.

  • I live in Kentwood and remember seeing the news about Antonio Brown. That was just such a crazy story to me.

  • his name is landon fo not sing?

  • Maybe its not that they're reformed or that they are innocent....

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  • When I was younger I used to have a messed up vision about prisoners but that was when i was young, dumb and angry. You get older and you realize a good portion are just human beings that have regrets and made mistakes.

  • I hope all of these good people got time off their sentence. :)

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  • Yay Ladon is back!!! 😊

  • Wow see sometimes it nice to turn. Over the leaf just to save someone's life i did i saved my mom during 3 storkes mental breakdown then i heard my little sister yell fire i came running i saw my mom hair one fire so i found nears cup of water i threw it on her putting it day she couldn't see her face was inflamed enough i ended up calling my dad right way to tell him to take her to hospital now after she went she suffed 3 degree burns to her forhead so they desiced to take the skin off her leg and replace her forhead skin i was upset that happened but my dad and baby sister said i did tge right thing for my mom

  • What we do not know is what these people are in prison for. They could be well in prison for purely situational crimes like assault where it has been self defence or theft where it is a need crime rather than a greed crime. Outside of those extreme situations those people might be decent people, which this film suggests.

  • they rlly do help girls more

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  • did he uploaded this video before?

  • just cause theyre 'criminals' doesnt mean theyre gonna take advantage of everyone when given the chance, theyre still people.

  • Glad to have faith in humans restored

  • Welcome back Landon. Glad to see you

  • criminals have morals

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  • Almost watched all you're guys videos favorite channel on HR-tv. Keep up the Amazing Work.!

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  • We are animals, but we are the worst of all. P&L everyone 😔🙂

  • Yes. People CAN change

  • Not all convicts are in for violent crimes. You keep talking about reforming, but what if they were good guys from the start who were only in jail because of a non violent crime?

    • I read this after my comment and didn't want you to think I stole it. You make a good point!!!

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  • failing to see where the towel attack is related. you dont state anyone helping you just go on about prisoners

  • someone whos never been there cant relate. not everyone is a demon

  • Dude really zoom in and zoom out himself after every sentence he said.

  • Wow this is just crazy,shows you should never judge a book by its cover.......kinda.

  • I was shocked an surprised about everything