How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Tra 2019.
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A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.
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How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
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  • They should have had the group rate the person judging at the end. But with a number they chose before meeting them, so there's no bias/contempt.

  • If I did this my confidence level would go all the way down to -100

  • Why are so many people defending how rude she is?

  • that chick in the blue was such a bitch to everyone

  • Girl I’m the blue is a bitch lol

  • This beautiful lesbian woman has the perfect voice! I'm loving it. Who is she?

  • Its at least refreshing how honest people where being with the judging even if some of the comments were not the nicest.

  • Sheeesh the girl in the blue blazed is a savageee

  • I wonder how this boy with afro felt, they rated him kinda low, but in my opinion he was almost the most handsome of them all, lol

  • character is also really important. if i see a 10 who has a bad character then it can be down to 1 real quick.

  • Pfff the lesbian with the first one is honestly me.

  • I feel bad for half-korean man. He is so cute,fine and she just so rude :( -100 for her,and she will never be 10 for me.👎

  • "Your face is a little weird" I would literally cry if someone said that to me

  • Blue jacket girl is laughing like a dumb ass Pig

  • I would be like -100

  • A lot of brave, special types in your videos.

  • the girl with the purple suit was a b***ch hahaha lol how direct she was

  • Who are u attracted to physically? this bitch: white guys🥴🥴🥴

  • Anastasia FINE

  • 9:12 the racist jumped out

  • 4:38 😂😂

  • Next time make sure all those people will rate a person who was rating them. It definitely would be fun to watch ;)

  • Wow, that one woman is critical of just about everybody. That makes me rate her a...... 1 out of 10.


  • 5:15 urm neither are you, you got a double chin and your boobs are bigger than average so that was rude of you to say to her damn you a bit “not on the fit side “ aswell😂

  • 5:45 When you find someone so attractive that you don't know what to do. Lol dass me!

  • “Your face is a lil weird .... it’s just long “ she says in long , oval stance

  • Lady in blue blazer is a 0. Because of her rudeness. Lesbian is 8, she's hot. And the Asian is 7, not my cuppa tea tho.

  • god i love the man in the white

  • I’ve never seen anyone as shallow as that blonde/light brunette white woman. Like daaaaaammmnnn. Calm down. Edit: ok she’s reeeaaaaallllllyyyy getting on my nerves

  • This is so dumb 😳😳😳

  • I hate those two ass rude bitches one for fat shaming and one for bring racist

  • Yeah lady in the blue why dont you walk yourself down to the least attractive because your attitude is nasty and you rude as hell !! No good looks can save you from that -10/10 from me !

  • Blue jackets, and dress was mean asf and racist 😡

  • I hate when they said: “your face strange”! They did not creat their selfs!!!!

  • Hey y’all I have a new HR-tv channel! Would love it if you checked it out! Thanks! Peace and love xx

  • 4:49 that face when she understand what she just have said is priceless 😅😂😂😂

  • I think we all know what the lady in the blue was judging. And it was *not* their clothes🥶👎🏽

  • Are they all bisexual

  • Ya'll are absolutely sleeping on that man with the Afro! Give him a haircut and remove the Thrift store clothing.

  • “Your face is a little weird “ 😭😭😭

  • does anyone have the dude in white's ig or summan? i'm in love and i need more

  • that girl with the long blue suit literally disgusts me by the way she sees other people...

  • 5:22 I would straight give her a 1

  • 4:37 Is this a boy or a girl? I really can't tell

  • God that lady was horrid.

  • the girl in the blue blazer is such a hater lmaoooo

  • who is the black guy in white? 😍😍😍

  • Dude in the beanie was clownin the whole time 💀

  • I was honestly hoping that the guy in white would ask out the girl in red

  • okay the man at 5:51 is fineeee

  • y did they have to do ma nigga Bob Marley like that😭😭😭

  • That black guy is really horrible he must be very dellusional 5o think about himself that highly

  • 2:57 💀

  • 3:50 she look like an asian riley reid

  • if anyone has that hot ass butch-ish lesbians insta or a bi baby out thanks

  • I love the guy with the beanie

  • That woman that kept giving low ratings with a straight face and no kindness is a bitch and give her -9999999 for her fucking discusting personality

  • 3:11 cruel but honest

  • The guy in the white shirt is awesome

  • This is terrible.

  • The tall model guy looks like Robert Pattinson *change my mind*

  • Blazer girl has high standards... someone by her a mirror

  • that stud was so fucking sexy i want her to be mineeeee

  • the asian-white dude has my mf HEART BRO ON G0D

  • Blue blazer girl's ugly eh 9:14 laughed

  • This is a FUCKED UP video.

  • Anyone notice that Anastasia was at the top of everyone's list. But I can see why, she hot af

  • That chick in the blue jacket is not cute enough to be that mean about peoples looks lol. I one should treat people like that.

  • “You have a nice bottom”

  • “Hi, you like me don’t you” “*nods head*” “I’m cute huh” “Mhm”

  • “Your face is a lil weird”

  • 1:30 and thats the way a porn film starts

  • girl in the denim jacket needs a wake up call lmao

  • how the fuck did she put red shirt and cute smile on the same rating

  • "Yeah you think so?" *TEA*

  • Guy in all white a definite 10; Beautiful lesbian GF a 9; Curly haired girl a 7; and blue blazer girl a 3.

  • The girl in the blue jacket is honestly a bitch, like lower your standards holy fuck

  • Welcome to Cut where awkward is made!

  • and now lets do one for the straight community

  • Letting someone rate me would RUIN my self esteem. ( and I don’t have a very high one.)

  • They should have ranked them where they all they think they should be at

  • Got a boy in luv ad & i can’t skip

  • The white girl in the blue was so disrespectful. Little does she know she's a five out of 10.

  • 6:56 I know it's about preferences but one shouldn't say things like, "you can't change your face". Nobody says you have to jump over the boundary and think high of yourself. Look at yourself first.

  • The girl in the blazer was a dick in my opinion

  • carter is one of the most attractive people lol

  • I swear to god that guy in the white shirt is so precious omg I love him

  • Man I swear put me on the show shit would look a little diff

  • This really shows how insecure a lot of us kinda are. And how we’re all kinda superficial. All of these people were very good-looking, imo. I didn’t get some of the critiques people were making.

  • "Not unless you turn around"

  • Damn! That lesbien girl is hot!

  • Each person in that line up should rank the person who ranked them.

  • This is an awful video idea

  • Don't be an asian male. Never be an asian male in the western world. The western world will shit on you. 🤣

  • It's all preference in the end of the day that line up could have had a thousand different arrangements, depends on the person.

  • Carter's goona get some!!! woot! lol

  • is that Madison?

  • Feels bad to be naturally balding :(

  • That was awful. Please don't do that ever again. Awful.