Maisie Williams Accidentally Drops a Major Spoiler in Game of Thrones' Final Season

Datum objavljivanja: 2. Tra 2019.
Maisie Williams shares her top five iconic moments portraying Arya Stark on Game of Thrones and gets upset when she accidentally lets a major spoiler slip about a big death while trying to describe the show's final season.
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Maisie Williams Accidentally Drops a Major Spoiler in Game of Thrones' Final Season


  • That was amazing! Well done, Maisie.

  • Maisie, come on, that is the runner up for the ugly dress award!! Love the hair though!!

  • I wish Arya would really die in the second episode; I'm sick of her!

  • April foooool! Some days later, 2.episode, Arya died.

  • Dang I totally should’ve saw this coming >:’0000

  • *_"Tell them , Winter came for Fallon"_*

  • Wow she should considering acting

  • After all questions, I was waiting for "no one" answer lol


  • 2:50 Jimmy looked like he had to watch his friend just have an argument with his girlfriend and he couldn't move away and now it's awkward because they both left lol.

  • What if Arya really dies on the second episode?

  • they got me on live. how can i feel sorry again for her just now.. draaat

  • So I assume that.. Arya won't die then?

  • The new episode's tonight, so not ready for my favorite no faced girl to die ahhh

  • the actually she prank about arya died in last season, its clue arya not gonna die until last episode

  • OMG... THE MARVELOS ACTING.. And I know Arya will not die until last episode also.

  • Man i was suffocating!! This acting is too good

  • That nervous audience laugh 😂😂😂

  • Plot Twist: She dies in second episode

  • I'm just waiting for the next episode to come up tomorrow, and see whether Arya dies or not. Seriously excited

  • It’s fine later uploads it

  • Love you Ariya from India

  • Is she making us fool just bcz its April

  • April fool guys!! it was published on 1st April

  • God damn shes an incredible actress

  • OMG. you dirty bastards lol....horrible trick

  • That was a Heart Attack😝😰😜

  • Rare good quality content on Fallon right there. Limited stalk guys, grab it while you can.

  • I shat my pants... and i didn’t watch the rest of the video until today and i kinda feel stupid for thinking that arya dies for legitimately 19 days

  • It's fake you can see she acted that to throw people off

  • That was really good.

  • 😯

  • What If she actually does tho?

  • The real April Fools is if she actually does die in the second episode

  • Telling meh mom soon

  • That was not funny my heart hurt

  • ‘58 colors Black and pink. I used to ride my bike past a home Painted in pink with black trim.

  • bruuuuuuh she sold it soooo well. shes such a good actress

  • OMG if that was real I feel so bad for her

  • girl knows how to act haha :D

  • Great Acting. Horrible forearm hair.

  • Omg 😂😂😂

  • while watching in my head ı was like ,wow jimmy is a really shitty person for saying they can edit it out, seeing her getting stressful and uploading this, and now once again he showed me that he is the real king of this industry.

  • I love this!!! ♥️

  • Whats that outro song

  • I actually didn't realise it was being broadcast on 1.4., she did play it perfectly


  • Assholes!!!!

  • She looks amazing even with that funny hair 😍

  • So mean.

  • I knew it couldn’t be true she hasn’t screwed up for 7 seasons why would she start now😂

  • Haha good acting arya. Lol

  • Wow... She was really good👌

  • Kimmel you suck.

  • After Arya warged into Nymeria when she got her face cut off/died at the House of Black and White, Arya/Nymeria has been gathering a wolf army. This allowed her to fight the war on two fronts with the Arya/Faceless Man taken on her debt to fulfill her list. (But did she take off the Hounds name before the Faceless Men got her list is the question?).

  • I love how she committed to it and allowed the audience about a minute or two of being like "holy shit" and "what the fuck did she really just do that? HBO will be so pissed". "APRIL FOOLS!"

  • Omg, she just spoiled everything! I'm still on season 1 you know! come on man

  • Her acting is so good. Even though i had an idea it was fake, she really makes you believe she did something wrong.

  • Damn i thought tom hollands oponnent was made

  • Valar Morghulis

  • It was soo real 😂

  • Omg i've got an heart attack

  • The spoiler is that she doesn’t die because she talked about last days on set and saying goodbye to cast and all

  • Fuck i almost believe that, nice you two haha

  • Watching for the 10th time perhaps, and still have the goosebumps and hold my breath, omg. she is so good, impossible not to believe, her shock is contagious :)

  • Dang she's even trembling..

  • Well one thing is sure, Arya is gonna die.. In which episode that'll find out !

  • “We can edit it out” Me: “umm how am I watching this then” ****runs off**** “ApRiL FOoLs” Me: “WHAT THE SHIT”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • We can edit it up.... And ofcourse upload it on HR-tv

  • this is so obviously a joke i'm cringing lmao

  • I'd bet money she covered her mouth to keep up the act and not laugh

  • Lol not even April fools Day and I was fooled. She's so awesome xD

  • thats lowkey still an spoiler

  • People getting shook, fuck you get a hobby

  • After I heard that I burst into tears

  • She Did Spoil That Arya dosent die in the second episode right?

  • Ugh!! Lol.. Got me!!

  • I think she kills the dragon with that weapon from first ep...

  • sweepin sweat after that good job maisie

  • iwas like how the hell ya kill Arya?

  • worst staged moment in history of television

  • Watch her actually die in the 2nd episode, what a conundrum that will be.

  • That acting tho

  • I only saw this video now and damn nearly started crying

  • Damn you Maisie. My heart stopped

  • They both are such good actors omg .

  • my love ❤

  • She would do so well if casted as a joker quene

  • Wow Maisies' hands were visibly shaking. Well done and very convincing.

  • I watched this three times thinking it was real and the fourth I finished it 😶


  • OMG she's such a good actress ! I really believed that xD

  • Yeah it's fine in our indian flims too. Promo tricks yuuuu.

  • APRIL FOOLS! lol i’m late

  • That's a meme


  • She is such a great actor!! I REALLY BELIEVED IT oh my god

    • yeah me too 😂😂 at a moment i was so sorry for her😂

  • heart dropped a bit....OMG.....she is so good...., that finger shaking...

  • Good sketch