Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Ožu 2019.
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • What if the Universe had an odd number as the population? **Flying math equations circle everyone**

  • 75,532,894 vies...dont ask why marvel is the best movie maker.....

  • This is the best trailer in marvel ?

  • Avengers last hope to defeat Darkseid

    • Nebula knows where the Anti-Life Equation is being hidden.

  • Plot twist hulk travels back in time dressed as a woman takes thanos out for a phall curry and it blows his head off. end game

  • Stabler(rip)

  • Can we all agree that the music at 1:50 just gives such massive chills. Like this movie is gonna be the conclusion to the past 10 YEARS of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s gonna be the biggest movie of any superhero movie, ever. I can not wait until it releases.

    • The vocal chorus and the strong percussion after that. EPIC!

  • I noticed at the end of the trailer when they are all in their quantum realm suits that Jim Rhodes is in his War Machine armor but Tony Stark isn't in his Iron Man armor. What does that mean? What is he hoping to accomplish without his Iron Man armor? Somebody share their thoughts with me.

    • Stark may be still using his nanotech armor, which comes from his chest plate.

  • The movie is coming out in my birthday!!!! It's like the best thing that will happen to me


  • 😭 I’m scared in case stark dies This number is the % out of 100% for hope for stark 👇


  • Watched over 20x ... like

  • Yo . . .what's up with Hawkeye's hair? I'm not sure I approve of this.

  • Jesus 10 years... can’t believe it went from iron man to this.

  • Whatever it takes bring back Stan lee

  • Obviously there should be 2x more viewers but you know, 50% were snapped...

  • Mjolnir :O :O :O

  • chance the captain marvel retcon will crash the movie

  • Winter has come..bad trailer btw

  • شكرا للشعب النيوزيلاندي ..Thanks to the New Zealand people ..from morocco

  • Is there anybody here think about Adam Warlock? I hope he will show there in Endgame because of the post credit from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    • Highly doubt it. A very brief scene from the end credits of Guardians, Vol. 2, and we don't even know for sure that it's Warlock. The High Priestess just called him "Adam". There has been no mention of him since.

  • Too much what ever it takes 11/10

  • охуенно, я буду смотреть)


  • I just saw Captain Marvel and now I’m even more hyped for this movie than before

  • Guys let’s keep watching this to get it higher on the most popular list!

  • Roses are Red Half of humanity is dead According to thanos Thor should of gone for the head

  • **wow**

  • Who else is here for Thor???

  • Yes yes yeaaaaaa💜💖

  • I watched trailer &... Got goosebumps. (I keep Telling everybody to move on, some do, but not us.)

  • Masterpeice. Stan, wherever he is, is proud.

  • Re piola hokai

  • I think that they will win because Dr strange said that there was only one way to win soooo it had to be their plan

  • Everytime I watch this trailer I get goosebumps

  • This looks really bad

  • Marvel

  • Love

  • Я

  • Thanos kill by Thor hand😡😡

  • I believe in my heart that Stan will carry the Avengers.

  • Roses are red Half the universe is dead As thanos said you should go for the head

  • Algun latino por aqui like si eres latino

  • If I die before this movie comes out, I’ll be so pissed.

  • “I know I said no more surprises, but... I was really hoping to pull off one last one.” We know you will, Marvel. You always do. Make us proud!

  • Guys how did thanos make the eather turn into the reality stone? It was not a stone in the first place like all the other infinity stones

    • Haven't you seen "Thor: The Dark World?" The Aether IS the Reality Stone. It's able to change from a stone to a liquid/gasous substance and back. Thor's comrades brought the Reality Stone to the Collector for safe keeping.

  • Before Infinity War: “None of us are gonna die! That’s silly talk!” After Infinity War: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Thanks isn't in this trailer...

  • No one ever dies.......EVER

  • Captain America: None of us are gonna die! That's silly talk. I N F I N I T Y W A R

  • Did anyone else notice Thor has a new weapon at the end of the trailer?

    • He traded in Stormbreaker for Harry Potter's magic wand?

    • That's still Stormbreaker, they just focus on the part that is half hammer.

  • Me: Whatever it takes, please don't kill Cap

  • Avengers Endgame ending leaked. Thanos fights Cap, Black widow, Ant man and others and defeats them easily. Then Thanos fights Iron man and defeats him. Then comes Thor, Thanos defeats him too. And finally, Captain Marvel comes and she also loses. After that Thanos sees a shadow coming out of darkness holding a stick in his hands. As it comes closer, face reaveled. John Wick appears with a Pencil in his hands. Rocket raccon to Thanos: You are so screwed now. Every other avengers show middle finger to Thanos. Thanos looks terrified, gets on his knees and begs mercy from John wick and immediately reverses snap. Endgame.

  • 44k DC fans here

  • Fight of our lives Wait of our lives

  • Give this man another Thanos!

  • Everyone keeps asking how thanks die. Well... he will be eaten by goose our saviour

  • Im avenging the time it takes until the movie comes out so i have got ur back.

  • Is it bad for your heath to watch this 5 times a day ??


  • Coming to kill thanos


  • When you try to kill thanmos with a gun

  • The girl on the end js the new captain marvel i suggest to watch that movie before watching the endgame!!

  • First endgame trailer got released same day xxxtentacion skins merch came XD anyways I think hulk has retired now and thanos I hate you aghhhhhhh

  • Roses are red Half of humanity is dead According to thanos You should’ve gone for the head

  • I reckon Tony and nebula will get back to Earth by modifying their ship, as nebula travels through space by creating wormholes and maybe and figures it out with Starks help. Then maybe they're only a few "clicks" away.

  • 11M subs only but get 75 mil views on this vid

  • cool

  • confusing comment section

  • After watch Avenger End Game trailer #2 !! Thanos : This does put a smile on my Face 😆☹

  • That rocket and warmachine shot never gets old and the music makes is 10000 better

    • Stogie2112 that’s look bro...their angry

    • Brezz ..... Rocket’s nasty snarl is intense!

  • In Infinity war's Wakanda's battle scene, Avengers: There is Thanos!KIILL HIM! Thanos:Can't touch me!!!😂 😂 😂

  • Peace in our time

  • Omg!!! Cnt wait for it

  • To start over?change the past ophss!..spoiler alert😂

  • Why will Natasha change her color between scenes in the one movie?

  • So few BigFoot creatures on the Planet Earth. To think that half of 'em...completely wiped out.

  • This film is gonna break all records. R.I.P. Avatar

  • Mastch na bhau

  • 1:56 *who is the guy right in the behind of black widow? Anyone???*

  • in The black and white bits purple should be the only colour seen Because thanos is a huge grape

  • in The black and white bits purple should be the only colour seen Because thanos is a huge grape

  • in The black and white bits purple should be the only colour seen Because thanos is a huge grape

  • in The black and white bits purple should be the only colour seen Because thanos is a huge grape

  • in The black and white bits purple should be the only colour seen Because thanos is a huge grape

  • in The black and white bits purple should be the only colour seen Because thanos is a huge grape

  • This looked like the end of marvel

  • I like the suits but this trailer didnt make me as excited like infinity war did. Even the mashup reaction video sucked. I remember everyone screaming so loud for infinity war. Idk maybe it's just me.

  • Nebula looks amazing!

  • The ending track is so littttttttttt 1:51 - 2:09

  • wow i almost forgot to watch this today

  • *”realized i loved you”*

  • Really? They have uniforms now?

  • Awesome trailer except the last few seconds

  • I’m not going to lie it didn’t feel right seeing captain America in avengers infinity war without his signature shield, good to know he gets it back in endgame

  • Well, we made it. This is it. We've all been on this journey together, we'll finish it together too. All of us. *Whatever it takes.*

  • Who doesn’t want avengers endgame to be last avengers movie like here

  • Gimme loki