Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Why Not?

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Ožu 2019.
Galaxy S10e is a better deal than the S10. And a better deal than the XR. It's a flagship disguised as "premium midrange"
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  • "flagship lite" price category

  • I really like this phone but I don't think it going to be as much supported (updates wise) as the regular S10 or S10+

  • efficient

  • The S10 models without a case will give people issues with accidental touches. Curved screens are like super models, they are very attractive but are very high maintenance and a pain in the ass.

  • Bad Ad, oops commercial, oops video. Which one is it MKBHD? You a Ad or a person? Later faker.

  • Call quality ? I’ve checked so many reviews no one really said much abt call quality .. all just abt looks camera and so on . How times have changed ...

  • 10/10 For that wallpaper. lol.

  • I'm thinking about selling my iPhone X and Apple Watch and going back to Android. Is it worth the hassle to jump to Samsung S10e + some Samsung smartwatch?

  • Am watching this on my fkn s9

  • the problem is im not stuck with ios, i just enjoy it more than android, i’ve yet to see another android phone i want since the nexus 6p

  • yo marques can i have the s10e please . need a new phone mine's old :P

  • Not gonna lie that’s a sexy phone

  • just make the whole side on all sides touchable

  • In next two years.. I think Apple will step up a bit, Samsung will start to fall, and Google will come up big time, and Nokia will blow people away...

    • Only saying that cause you have an iPhone xs....

  • $850 to 1500 flagship (beast, flashy) $500 to 850 mid range (great, perfect) $300 to 500 budget (decent, value) $100 to 300 entry (simple, backup) Apple is Mercedes Samsung is Hyundai OnePlus is Nissan Nokia is Acura Google is Toyota Huawei is BMW You're welcome....

  • I was about to go S10e... But went iPhone XS and I love the XS.. bye Samsung

  • 0:58 damn!

  • 🤔...The e in S10e should stand for economy meaning in price versus the other 2 phones! Love the phone!..🤗

  • Should range of One plus 6t

  • 1:13 Flagship phones are $900 000

  • good shit

  • wallpaper link at 1:45 on macbook ?

  • Please review durability of samsung a50

  • Watching on s10e

  • For this price and specs i go for Honor v20

  • E stands for everyone or economy

  • The e stands for essentials

  • Just got 2 at Wal-Mart for 599 each, they have them for ATT, Verizon and Sprint.

  • The e stands for in it has all of the essential features of the s10 and s10+

  • lets call it a budget premium category

  • I've always been an Apple person, and I refused to switch to Android. But... this was the phone that did it... I have an Android

    • Eagle ASMR how is it??? I want an android

  • This video should be called "Why NotCH?" nyahaha

  • Amazing device! just got mine in black

  • What about calling them “entry flagships”?

  • I have the galaxy s7 right now and i still like it alot, but the s10e looks and sounds AMAZINGLY awesome

  • 750 for a chin and a hole punch camera staring at you. No thanks. Make a phone for people like us that dont use front cameras!!! One company should do it and see how the sales will be instead of copying each other and not selling phones. Im talking the smaller companies.

  • Please make a review about Xperia 1

  • i am getting this phone :)

  • S10e should be $550

  • How about "Mediocre Premium" ?

  • That shot tho😮😮😮😮

  • I have an iPhone SE at the moment, and I wanna upgrade to Galaxy s10e... will it be a huge upgrade? Only thing I’ll be missing out on is iMessage. That won’t bother me though.

  • I am planning to buy a new phone. Since the note 9 price dropped, I am confused between S10e, OnePlus 6t and note 9. Which one do you guys think I should buy?

    • If you need a phone now, a S8+ might be better for you. Waiting until the end of the year and you will get a lot of S9 with a decent price.

  • "flagships are about NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND'' lul i was so confused

  • upper mid-range?

  • i love how his left eyes literally on the camera

  • Ass10 brownlee

  • Just got the s10e uk version, i checked the capacity of the battery through phone info. It says 3k mAH instead of 3100. Still curious about it and run the accu battery apps and see how much capacity will i have. Then, it's even saying its only 2790 mAH. It feels like samsung just deliberately mention 3100 just for marketing purpose. The reality still 3k just like the device from previous year.

  • great video. fuckin finally samsung. fuck curved displays. NOW i can upgrade....

  • e stands for electric

  • now i can watch corn videos with one hand ✋

  • Damn this phone is 🔥 but i could never go back on android

  • Nice Dave 2d Vid... Oh wait, didnt I already watch this? Its Marques?? What is happening...

  • I am currently using that same Baymax wallpaper on my S10.

  • If u get a case that covers the power button will it interfere with the fingerprint scanner?

    • Samsung has cases specifically made for s10e

  • samsung takes you out of the ecosystem

  • Sorry if I missed it, but in order to unlock the phone, would I HAVE to use the stupid fingerprint scanner or is that still optional???

  • Nowadays a 750 bucks smartphone its the "cheaper" version... Why?

  • Marques, I beg u please try the Xperia 1! I beg thee

  • How did you get in red?

  • Now I want that phone

  • Wallpaper clickbait... 😄

  • I like the Samsung Galaxy S10e SD card slot, headphone jack, beautiful flat screen and wide angle camera.

  • *When u realize u cant even afford the budget one*

  • I was meant to get an iPhone XR but Samsung did his job and now I will pick this instead of their bigger brothers

  • Watching this on my prism white S10e! Amazing phone

  • Would you recommend this over the pixel 3 xl?

  • e is for essential

  • Excellent review. Nailed what matters to real people!

  • Whos dislike this video. Over a thousand ? Is that samsung disliking? They want everyone buying the flagships

  • Had my Green S10e a little under a week, and so far I've been very happy - EXCEPT for one thing. The black plastic surround for the screen has already got really rough - it's like it's made from a really soft plastic, so any little touch marks it. The factory screen protector is in perfect condition, as is the rest of the phone, but that black plastic bit looks terrible already. I've never had this problem with any of my Samsungs. My old A8(2018) I use when I'm working on steam trains gets abused, and it hasn't had this problem, and it's also uncased, and pretty much the same size as the S10e. I can't see this S10e being terribly durable, which is a shame.

  • Great Vid, I appreciate how you pointed out that it is a better deal.

  • The "e" is supposed to stand for "essentials" from what I gather.

    • Or Effortless, or Epic, or entry level, or, or,... I'm out of names.

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  • Black Shark 2

  • MKBHD , giveway for S10e pls. I really want that phone. I really love your videos. Subscriber from PHILIPPINES!

  • I actually like s10e over s10 cause I prefer smaller phones.

  • I bought this phone yesterday, so disappointed with the camera, going to try and return it, lose money on the restocking fee and just buy a pixel, if mkbhd uses pixel as his daily driver, that says something.

  • i like the flat screen. Please no more edge type screens.

    • yeah that shit will be looked back as one of the biggest fuckups in human evolution. wtf were they thinking.

  • 1:13 $900,000 for a phone????

  • Great work

  • It bothers how much it looks like an iPhone, it really does.

  • I love how it so small.. Really really love it. Loooveee iitt.. Smaalll

  • 0:58 what the.. how did he do that !!! that was awesome man

  • 10e with the 8GB and 256GB storage is a great middleground to the big boi versions.

  • E is for essentials

  • Now Samsung will use that wallpaper in their s10 ads , or Note 10 if it also has a punch-hole camera

  • I got to try this phone out, I think it's beautiful.. It's smaller than a lot of phones with smaller 5" screens!

  • what a sexy wallpaper

  • dumb brainless fandroid

  • cause its an android thats why

  • ..."e" for essential !! 😊

  • Miss me with the "tripple cameras" bullshit samsung. Just one camera in the back is enough. I cannot forgive you for not putting an in-display fingerprint scanner though.

  • I dont think any other phone had the fingerprint reader on the side. Samsung had it on onr of the A series phone

  • Can it update more than one app at time because my S7 edge cannot

  • The fingerprints on the galaxy s10e is faster than onplus face unlock

  • Why not call it pseudo-flagships ?

  • Hands down Marques you give the most honest and informative reviews to me as well as the best as a Samsung user you give great reviews I currently have the S9 plus Xfinity mobile hoping to upgrade to the s10 plus in a month or so

  • What do you do if you are left handed and hold your phone with your left hand. Then your thumb doesn't rest naturally on the fingerprint reader.

  • e stands for effortless. Not in a bad way, just in cheaper way compared to the other models. Its small e anyways.