The Spiders and the Bees

Datum objavljivanja: 8. Ožu 2019.
Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • I love the video. I'm team spider

  • James: Not 3 times, not 4 times! But- Me: 5 times! James: 2 times, Me: Oh-

  • Yes kids respect us spwiders

  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one terrified by bees.

  • I pet a bee 2 times While my enemy (used to be my best friend) screamed to death. The bee died. Uwu

  • Minecraft 1 Player bees

  • 8:00 I legit thought my iPad froze

  • TheOdd1sOut, have you ever played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

  • Who polinates the rest of the rest of the fruit

  • I was once laying on my hamock outside with my mouth open a little bit and a bee flew over and before I could close my mouth it came and landed on my lip. I silently freaked out, and my sister was just sitting there starring at me. Then the be climbed in my mouth... It stayed there for some time then finally it flew away. I almost died that day 😭.

  • I love ur vids! Pls give me a shoutout! im ur biggest fan!

  • Dear James I just made a video adopt you tomorrow is my birthday and I want to make a video with you so please comment on my video From Morgan

  • Hello i'm Hoping to be An animator/ Artist / Comic maker and You're a great Inspiration and You and Jaiden and All the other Animators In the community Inspired me and I'm now Extremely Interested In art, and i Hope i can Grow to be a Great animator and Inspire others To animate.

  • When I see a spider on my body - ->0:34

  • I love your all video MAYBE...

  • My house is filled with spiders so I luv now :3 There's about 10 :/ 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷 🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸

  • I love this video so much, it really helped me with my arachnophobia.

  • i got destroyed by a bee. i was at a sleepover,i sleeped bad and the next day... well.. i got destroyed. i wasnt crying but it hurt so much. thats all

  • There was a BLACK WIDO at my SCHOOL today

  • I though this was a video about James telling us about sex

  • Why do you look like an AirPod?

  • Also I ♡ foxes

  • are you and jaiden dating

  • It's funny that his 10 million subscriber spacial was 2 weeks ago and he is almost at 11 million

  • Ive held multiple bees and wasps and have two spider roomates, is that wierd ;-;

  • Video: "So next time you go to a gunfight, put on a spiderweb instead" -James from TheOdd1sOut Me: Okay, James! I'll do it! ... After gun fight ... Me: *Doesn't work James! Collapses dead.*

  • Arachnid phobio cause oh golly. Gosh darn I saw one on me and freaked out


  • Hey James Do You Know The Growing Up Without Cable Video?And With The CyberChase Theme?When Your Were Talking Gibberish?It Was Actually Saying Dont Tell Me He's Trying To Hack Motherboard!So ..Yeah Cya!

  • Once I was at school and my best friend at the time had a bee on her back. I didn’t know until someone said to her “Omg there’s a bee on your back!” She started freaking out saying “get it off get it off” I said..”OMG HOLD STILL AHHHHHH” she started crying .-. We got the teacher and she got it off soo..👌

  • wow he used a bee pun i'm going to like the video

  • I now bees are so important But they freak me out

  • 4:45 - 5:01 - Theodd1sout ultimate bee roast

  • A bee landed on my finger and it didnt sting me

  • At gym they played your song life is fun

  • James what team are you on team pewdiepie or team t-series?

  • James, easter egg, other guy, not.3:48

  • You know a spider can crawl into your ear and lay eggs and maybe die

  • here is a link to an article that explains why honeybees arent going extinct y'all be welcome

    • not to mention HONEYBEES ARENT EVEN NATIVE TO MOST AREAS IN THE FIRST PLACE! they were introduced by settlers to austrailia, america, africa, asia, and practically everywhere except europe and guess what THOSE PLACES WERE DOING FINE WITHOUT HONEYBEES! and guess what? turns out they KILL OFF native pollinators by essentially being greedy a-holes and also spreading disease

  • They are ugly 😭😔😂

  • 7:55 me ether

  • Lol

  • You make spiders seem a lot cuter than they really are...

  • One time a bee landed right on my chest. One time a wasp landed on my arm. ONE TIME I GOT ATTACKED BY A SEAGULL BECAUSE I HAD A LEMON MUFFIN IN MY HAND

  • Rawr.

  • But that's just a theory, a bee theory....wear your seatbelt Love: FNAF fanatic

  • "scoop up your new best friend and YEET it back into the wild " Me:it's a spider I ain't touching it I ain't looking at it I ain't getting near it because I will grab anything and kill it without a doubt My friend:*has stopped working and left the USA*

  • Dont worry a bee landed on my Face once...

  • Ooooooof

  • 2:24 was that a JoJo reference?

  • 7:34 When you forget to go to the next VidCon.

  • I love spiders

  • Stop saying that your favorite candy bar is m&m because m&m now have a candy bar

  • I think I have some sort of fobia for wasps (if that’s even a thing), a wasp landed on my bike once and I just panicked so I jumped off the bike and started running (lol maybe not the best idea) and a man getting out of his car just stood there and laughed at me :)

  • I have gotten stung by a bee, not three times, not four times, but f- two times. Two- two times! -James

  • Hey James you got some competition go over something else Y t's channel

  • James: this is a pg channel James: pervert

  • Russia go

  • I’ve been stung 7 times in one day


  • I have stepped on underground wasps bees and hornets nests before, my record for the most stings were probably 124 in a day

  • HOLY FRICK 7:34 - James Rallison/ TheOdd1sOut, 2019

  • UMMM EXCUSE ME!!! Are we already almost at 11million!!!!

  • Did I just see luni

  • " Ok fine, if u see A spider crawls on u while taking a shower like a freaking pervert, that's a perfect time to freak out " 😂😂😂 (^w^)

  • Bees are harmle- 4:48 OH HECK NO!

  • No, humans killed way more humans then spiders and bees and mushtaicks

  • How the life would BEE without bees?

  • trap the spider with a cup and paper? I always just let them crawl on my hand and gently put them in the wild.

  • 0:38 Spider: Swigity swooty I am comin for ya booty! :3

  • Hey James,i am Batman :v

  • i love bees and spiders so much. the purest smols.

  • I don’t like either

  • I love spiders they are cute and bees I had one for a pet

  • When I first saw the title, j thought this would be a “how baby’s are made” video thing. Just think about it...

  • My parents hate spiders boi

  • 3:27 i was actually eating girl scout cookies in my bed. wow.

  • You are a smart and responsible guy

  • I'm sorry but the TINY KONG IS KILLING THE BEES. DK RAP 2018

  • Well done on winning 1st round of Mr beasts game

  • When u got string 2nd time that happened to me

  • I fucking love spiders but I hate them so much

  • 2:30 this is the first time i found a spider cute-

  • Оддис лучший

  • When my mom see a spider on her desk...2:19

  • I love spiders and I have no problems with them but there legs just cringe me out

  • Anthony From Smosh Well he left But I don't care Your in his videos I don't care By the way your funny on Anthony

  • What made you spend almost 10:00 of animating about spiders and bees? Like, how all of a sudden you slap up us with spiders are the best and finish with bees?. Man, whats going on in your mind? Im highly curious plz make a vid of why you get this thinks all of a sudden?


  • Actually bees pollinate 80% I think

  • You: when a bee lands on your arm: holy frick. Me: dude can u read minds

  • Why do you think spider-man is a loved hero and bees are the only reason that earth is still "alive"? #spidersquad #beesqaud

  • Like:team spider Comment : team human

  • i never got stung by a bee in my life

  • The Female black widow Is more dangerous than a Male Widow(Fact)


  • Sub to Kitty kid

  • Haz de una puta vez en vez de hacerlo siempre en inglés mierda y traduce esto


  • I got the answer for your question about who pollenates the rest... Butterflies