Top 10 Scary Wall-E Theories

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Sij 2019.
Top 10 Scary Wall-E Theories
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Top 10 Scary Wall-E Theories
Oh Reddit…..Reddit Reddit Reddit. Just when you think it is safe to enjoy a movie, a reddit theory will come a ruin it for you. Reddit is the overthinkank for all citizen critics with a weee little bit too much time on their hands! Today, I welcome you back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet and present to you the Top 10 Scary Wall-E theories. I am Rebecca Felgate…and we are diving deep. Love cute little WALLE…this video has kind of ruined him for me!
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  • Top 10 Scary Cars Theories 👇

    • She's still is that hot sexy British lady 😍 I still love her and would love to meet her someday.

    • Cool isny

    • its p-AT not prat

    • Technically, MatPat made HIS theory on HR-tv

  • You know the humans where so large because they lived in space. When you live in space there is usually only an artificial gravity or no gravity. Your body requires resistance or a force in order to operate properly.(up down or circulation + resistance) Without this pressure it becomes impossible to work your muscles out as there is no or little force being applied to rip the muscles. You would need to work out to create the muscle mass and work out more to maintain it, efforts many times greater then if done on earth. Sure they have some gravity, It is not the same as the mass of a planet. This effect of many years in space was expected and expressed in the movie by the president. It would be impossible to maintain high physic except on individual cases if at all.

  • *"but that's all just a theory"*

  • matprat

  • number 3 is disproved by the ps2 game where we see him be the only survivor of a storm.

  • Toy story

  • Mat prat

  • Mat prat

  • Ruined it😭

  • Fat shaming? I'm good, if they wanna be fat and kill themselves, let them

  • Nahhhh auto is not hal 9000 he is wheatley from Portal 2

  • Shrek

  • headphone warning!!! god her voice is loud

  • Do you like walle

  • I watch film theory this is disrespectful

  • My favourite Pixar film is the incredibles

  • I even stopped watching to prevent ruining my childhood.

  • Considering that they sustain themselves on a mostly liquid diet I think that they pee more than they poo

  • Zootopia, favorite pixar movie ever


  • Rebecca, darling, I love you, but it’s PAT

  • mat *prat*

  • WTF? Matt Prat? i know your a britt but seriously...

  • Wall E is my favorite Pixar movie

  • Wall E is my favorite Pixar movie

  • My favorite Pixar movie is the incredibles!!!!!

  • The back story of wall E was that all the Wall E's were supposed to shut down but one went wrong

  • I’m sorry Dave, I cannot do that!

  • I love Wall-E...

  • Haha I'll never be able to watch wallet the same way again, he is so harmless

  • It is matpat

  • I would not want to live in the world of Wall-E

  • I dont think wall-e killed the other wall-es,the other wall-es did not know how to survive but one for some reason has the mind if own.He used dead ones for salvaging parts

  • So fat people can't have sex? Great theory there!

  • Ooooo sporky

  • My favorite Pixar movie is cars 💯

  • Wall-e I don't care I love it

  • MAT PRATT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I have a theory on Wall E :hes so cute and also who's making this Filth

  • There are two theories that you could add to this list. 1) The Axiom is really a space Titanic. This theory is based on the scenes showing the exterior of the ship. Out of all of them, we only see one deck lined with escape pods. Since each escape pod can only hold six people and the Axiom population is 600,00 (Google "How many people were aboard the Axiom?"), that means there needs to be at least 100,00 escape on that one deck. The theory states that one deck couldn't hold that many pods. It also points out that for every five babies that need to use an escape pod they must be accompanied by one adult to fly the pod. 2) This next one states that life aboard the Axiom developed into a Logan's Run (1976 Sci-Fi movie, man am I old) type society. It asked the question "where are all the kids, teenagers and young adults?". All we see are older adults moving around on their chairs and babies in the nursery. There are no other people shown between these two age groups. It is suggested that once the babies all grow up and reach a certain age where they can fully care for themselves, all the adults are terminated. Thus the population fluctuates between a max of 600,00 and a min of possibly 300,000. The cycle starts over again as the young population reach another milestone age where the babies are again reproduced. We are watching Wall*e at the start of one on these cycles.

  • I propose the poo is put in NASA tin bags and the repoduction while it can be that but I believe it may be cloning

  • wall-e

  • Wait how do they fail I mean there's a credit transison at the end that shows them getting fit and slow returning to back to technology so number 1 should be wrong

  • matpRat

  • The uh....... reproduction theory is strange. It is all a little grousome. You have to remember that it is a little kid movie. How are they supposed to know the reproduction stuff.

  • Thay hav a wrap drive so that hav alll the stuff from star treck even a thing that make food out of thin air duh.

  • About the killing part a sandstorm destroyed the other units

  • Oof

  • Cars and Wall E


  • Who thinks that people would eat each other with out knowing. Also wouldn't you want to befriend someone after not seeing anyone for years. 😧

  • Mat prat

  • There is experiment 9 on eva There is experiment 21 on hayabusa

  • 3:49 why is the roblox sword sound there?

  • Wall E used to be my fav movie but after the video

  • This is my childhood down the drain.

  • What a stupid paradise, to become fat and lazy and stupid.. that first theory is so off lol

  • I really don't think number 4 is a really valid one. He hasn't seen any sentience (besides bug) and he finally sees another robot: clean, upgraded, and awesome. He knows she means there is more and he doesn't want to be so alone anymore.

  • Mine is a 3 way tie between Brave, A Bug's Life and Toy Story

  • Well for the fat shaming theory if you don’t do anything and eat all day of course your going to get a bit fat. How is that fat shaming? It’s the truth. Honesty you deserve to get fat when you don’t want to exercise and do anything... People are so over dramatic

  • The Wall-E theory that Wall-E killed the other units.

  • Mmmmaaaaattttttpppppppaaaattttttt

  • You and mat pat should do a vid together

  • Anybody else go down to the comments to like all of the comments fuming about how she said MatPrat? I got to four or five, which is a lot less than I intended, to be honest.

  • its MatPat not theorists

  • All theorys is not true because I'm Disneys worker or the awner

  • The thing that we should truly be scared about is if this movie reflects something real. Earth could eventually become inhabitable to the 3.5 million pounds of trash thrown away each year. Eventually when the 2700's arrive, we could actually be living in something similar to the AXIUM by then. Remember this Quote from me. "Just because you throw trash in the trash can, that does not mean you are truly cleaning Earth, you are just keeping some of it in one place for a short time until 10 times as much is released freely into what we call a 'landfill'"

  • Fat doesn’t make you fat

  • Oh my goodness it's matt patt not matt Pratt. Or are you just making fun of matt patt. Shouldn't you be in as much controversy for call matt patt matt Pratt with as matt patt calling pirate some thing or other (I can't find the company XD) calling them pirate games? Yours is more of an insult!

  • Isn't Film Theory great.

  • this is a good vid

  • Its not mat prat its mat pat

  • Bigger question: what do they do with the dead bodies?! Also... Matprat. Heh heh!

  • 1:00 haha i've had that satan picture since high school used it in gmod a few times.

  • It’s PATT not PRAT

  • It's never said that it's an apple, just a forbidden fruit

  • Do something that isn't pixar like Thomas the train. I bet that show has dark secrets. For example, they get their faces from recently killed humans or criminals because there isn't any criminals in that show

  • Wall.E did at times kill the other clones of himself that you do see in the film so he can survive.

  • actually the government of that world stopped the clean up program but Wall E is defective so he didn't get shut down.

  • Wall-e. It will always be wall-e.

  • The thing about the "Wall-E is Lucifer" hypothesis (they're not theories, as those are consistently and repeatedly demonstrated to be objectively factually accurate), is that all it really does is demonstrate how Lucifer was really the good guy in the bible the whole time, and that god is an evil bastard. Which is pretty accurate with regard to those entirely fictional characters.

  • wall_e too!

  • Welcome to 2019... Where people make theories of a film made I'm 2004

  • Matt… PRAT!!!!?????? ITS MAT-PAT

  • Also, the cannibalism one is by far my favorite theory, and the creepiest.

  • My favorite Pixar movie is Cars.

  • Majority of this is bs about the people

  • This channel shouldn’t be called mostamazingtop10 it should be called mostscarytop10

  • Matprat? No.... No child ur so wrong....

  • Fat does not make you fat, carbohydrates are turned into fat if not used when consumed. What makes this amusing is that low fat foods contain more sugar to make up for the fat thereby making the fat person even fatter so if you eat low fat foods to lose weight you are going to gain weight instead.

  • I love Cars and The Incredibles.

  • Matprat????

  • MattPatt

  • Remember kids, "the cake is a lie" Your will never get that cake.


  • Ok he's not SATAN... HE'S GXD... HOLY GXD

  • I think Wall-E is a warning about over dependency on technology. Honestly the movie gives me anxiety because it's like a horrific glimpse into the future of our species if we keep relying on technology the way we do

  • Auto is definitely inspired by HAL 9000.

  • The robot captain on the Axium was definitely based on Hal-9000

  • Mat prat? Mat pat